A 10-day adventure

for shelter dogs, children,

and their families!

Camp Doglando offers youths between the ages of 10 and 13 a unique, fun-filled opportunity to learn how to "Dog Responsibly!"  


Starting with which qualities you should look for in a pet, and working through the process of how and where to acquire “the right dog”, Campers experience firsthand all that is really involved in caring for, and training a dog. This experience increases their understanding of what a dog needs to live a happy, healthy life as a companion.

Over the course of this two-week adventure, each Camper will actively prepare a dog to be adopted into it's awaiting forever home. 


Camp Doglando is a must for kids who have wanted a dog, and parents who are not so sure their child is ready.


We provide the unique opportunity for kids to work in teams, training and caring for a specific dog on a daily basis. 


This experience teaches kids what it means to be a prepared and responsible pet parent!

Here's a peek at Camp Doglando 2018!


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